Shopify Theme Tweaks & Changes

Any Functionality in any Shopify Theme

Our Shopify developers can code anything into your store.

If you already have a Shopify theme but would like some custom features coded in then we’re the people to get the job done.  On time, on budget, with clear communication. We are one of the oldest officially recognised Shopify experts and have one of the most advanced eCommerce teams in the world. Not that we like to brag. But we simply do have the best Shopify developers in the world.  End of.

Our Shopify Experts spend all day, every day coding Shopify themes and apps.  We also often work into the night simply because we love what we do.  Over the years we’ve been asked to code just about everything into a Shopify theme.  From flooring calculators to food menus.  From countdown timers to geolocated content.  Right on to custom blogs and CRM integrated contact forms.  We can code anything into a Shopify theme.  There are no limits.

Below is an overview of the kinds of changes our Shopify designers & Shopify Developers frequently make to Shopify themes although the list is by no means exhaustive:

  • Header & menu changes
  • Custom templates (e.g. page/product)
  • Custom blog and article templates
  • Advanced contact forms & lead gen tools
  • App integrations
  • Additional content sections
  • Sections “everywhere” (not just on the homepage!)
  • Fonts & styling
  • Tiered pricing & wholesale discounts
  • Bug & browser fixes
  • Pixels & tracking integrations/issues
  • Checkout customisation (Shopify Plus)
  • Bespoke customer accounts
  • Geolocalisation
  • Front-end API’s & integrations

If your current design/development team can’t deliver what you need then request a no obligation quote today. Our Shopify experts could even be working on your store tomorrow.


Shopify Theme Tweaks & Changes
Shopify Theme Tweaks & Changes
Shopify Theme Tweaks & Changes


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